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Increase in the No. of passengers

The essence of transformation is to install the second seat row. The area of second seat row is equipped with side windows which are lined with padded covers. The walls and ceiling are upholstered in the same color. Seats are upholstered in the original upholstery. The advantage is that you carry your seats with you all the time; moreover they do not limit the cargo space in your van. Seats handling is very easy, you don't need to take them in and out of the van whenever it is necessary. You can just easily tilt the seat row towards the driver's cab and your cargo space becomes available.

Second-row seats are placed at the same height as driver and passenger seats. The difference in floor level is compensated by one step of composite material. The wall that separates the space wasn't removed and can be possibly displaced in three positions.

Additional seat row has been successfully subjected to tensile tests in an authorized service. Its safety is guaranteed.

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